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Earthquake: Nepal

Provisions: India

2015 an earthquake shook all of the Himalaya, and especially a small village named Thame. Good Fun-d put up a free book, "Loving Kindness" following Jan Reynolds' work in this area, which motivated Good Fun-d to put on a fundraiser to help rebuild  the traditional homes of wood, mud and stone.  

A photo exhibit, along with a multi media presentation by Jan sent funds to assist in retaining some of the culture through rebuilding homes, including the Thame moneastery, the site of the book, "Loving Kindness".

2020 the people of Gir, India, the site of the Asiatic Lion reserve was locked down under covid19. This was the site of Jan's book "Lion Queens of India", and Good Fun-d was asked to help feed this population in need . Good Fun-d sent over funds given by genrous donors and fed 60 families. Gir, India is the site of the only Asiatic lions on earth, numbering about 500. The rangers in this park have brought the number up from about 1 dozen by monitoring the population, treating them when injured or sick, and pushing out poachers, while educating the local population how to live peacefully with lions in the forest. 


Thame Valley
Gir, India


is a sacred pass set between Nepal and Tibet, at 20,000 feet. This pass was once the ancient salt trade route, and the entry way of the the Tibetans into the Khumbu, or Everest region, who eventually came to be known as the Sherpas, or East People in Tibetan. This pass was the escape hatch for many of the Tibetans leaving the country following the escape of their leader, the Dalai Lama from the Chinese, during the invasion and takeover in the 1950's. This photo exhibit will be traveling to educate the public concerning the plight of the rich Tibetan culture. Call 802-793-6293 for details.


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