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is a GOOD FUN-D kids to kids program involving philanthropy and education. US students connect personally with the Il Ngwesi tribe in the poorer section of Kenya, Laikipia, via smart phone and web to have their questions answered with photographs and text while studying Africa. The US students raise money to donate to building a school for this tribe and receive photos of just what their money accomplished. All students receive educational value, and the US students begin the lifelong art of philanthropy.



Teachers, librarians, kids! Spend the day high in the Himalaya, way up on a mountainside, with the young Thame Tulku, a 5 year old boy,  learning about "loving kindness " and "compassion " in this book entitled LOVING KINDNESS: 

Maps and definitions included in ths lesson plan, also an author study with award winning Jan Reynolds:


​The Balinese rice farmers have farmed sustainably for over 1000 years, making their lifestyle a wonderful global example of sustainable agriculture. Free you tube videos, the book CYCLE OF RICE, CYCLE OF LIFE, and teaching guide are available for students. At this point, this material is in the process of being put into a free online game format for students around the world, to collaborate together in teams, to grow sustainable rice, while maintaining or improving their environmental footprint. GOOD FUN-D will be supporting this cultural, educational endeavor.



​Author Jan Reynolds is available to schools,  groups, and companies to give a workshop, lecture, webinar, etc. concerning culture and/or environment, and the intersection of the two, via GOOD FUN-D. Donations can be made to cover the cost of this educational initiative. Lectures include: CULTURAL ADVENTURE, crossing the Nangpa La with the Tibetans , and the Sahara with the Tuareg, then traveling the word to live with an indigenous tribe on each continent.  SUSTAINABLE FARMING/CELEBRATE! analyzing the elements of Balinese rice farming, then celebrating around the world with indigenous tribes to see ourselves as one human family. MOUNTAIN ADVENTURE AND MAASAI. Climb and ski, setting world records, then live with the Maasai as they move from herding to discover agriculture. 



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